For a long time I’ve intended to make a page where I could put info on about the projects I’m involved with. Considering the tradition I’d like to append myself to, this should’ve been a very boring, plain HTML page. However, I’ve realised that archaic doesn’t always mean better and that I don’t actually enjoy writing HTML. Therefore I’ve allowed myself to indulge in the the latest of ‘Web 2.0’, friendly user-interface PHP goodness that you see before you. I hope it doesn’t distract you from the content.

My current projects:

  • Programming a generic statistics-gathering daemon (general)
  • The Boeotia Ancient Cities project (general, related)
  • The MMVI server project (general, related)
  • Programming an advanced network monitor (general)
  • Building Small Form-Factor computers (general)

I’ve enabled comments for now, because I’d like feedback. However, if it turns out I get to weed spam every day, I see no alternative but to disable them again. Regardless, I can always be reached by email. My address is the same as this site’s domain name, with the first dot replaced by an @ symbol. Whatever you do, DO NOT send mail to unless you like to see your mailserver blacklisted.

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